Friday, May 29, 2009

Yikes- so much to do

Hey gang! well it's been super busy here- the past week we have cast several molds, pulled a few pieces out of the kilns and made several mistakes. Our teacher says that mistakes are a gift......well it must be my birthday because I keep getting a lot of gifts.
The weather has been fab so we have been working outside the studio everyday. This really is the good life. I even got a sunburn.Can't get that in Juneau.
This is my first cast piece- we all cast our hands. There is copper wire embedded in the palm.

This is a group shot. Hands before and after. Such great colors!

Here is one of the TA's hand building a mold. Supper cool and messy!This is the studio building- we all have space to plot our next ideas and disasters! I mean gifts.

OK I am off to get ready for the student auction tonight. Which is really a dance party. The theme is "Pilchuck: Where the wild things are." I should have some great photos from that!

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