Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On the Farm

Our Family has a farm in Washington. Over the past few years it has grown and many animals have taken up residency here. Some smell more than others but they are all neat to look at.

Lately I have been enjoying getting a good photo. I'm not too concerned with the composition of the photo but more about capturing the personality of the subject or subjects.

Turkeys are good models. They can work with the camera....


Chickens are always hiding something....they seem like they need to relax.
These ladies can work it. Bovine beauties. Work it girls.

Della Rose is super pregnant. She is going to have a cow baby any day now. I asked if I could drees the girls up a bit. A pink bow, earrings, a tasteful straw hat.... we shall see.

OK so tonight I am off to Pilchuck. The agenda for the night: Check in, classes meet, cocktails at the gallery, dinner in the lodge, school introductions & to top it off a "show" of sorts in the hot shop. Last year someone made a large clear vessel and popped some popcorn inside it! Very fun.

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