Sunday, June 21, 2009

At the count down

There are only four working days left here at the Studio (Corning Glass Museum). It's been a productive trip and my brain is full.

Above is my starter block of optical glass laminated together with colored Hextal. The glass is all clear so the light transfers the color of the pigmented adhesive through the shape of the block.

Above is my teacher working on a piece. We are using diamond and stone wheels to remove glass and shape our objects.

Above is my piece after I took it to the saw! I need to get a picture of the final piece!

Above is the engraving lathe I have been using- I loved the saline drip bag for a water source! Very Funny!

Above is the first piece I worked on last week.......I need so much more paractice on the engraving lathe! Yikes!

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Anji Gallanos said...

Yeah!!! Tasha..and Happy Belated Birthday....miss you but your work looks amazing.